How is the world of gaming looking these days?

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Personally I’ve been gaming since I was 10 which means I’ve been shooting people, planning attacks, leveling up and stomping goomba’s for 18 years, I’d like to think this makes me somewhat of an expert. This makes you wonder, is it still fun? I mean the last few years nothing REALLY original came out. We had a few exceptions which are mainly connected to Nintendo and the Wii/Wii U but otherwise it’s mostly a repeat of the same old formula. Shoot/slash/blow up people, reach mission, save people etc etc.

As an aforementioned ‘expert’, I am going to say: YES! Gaming is still as great as it was a decade ago.
No, I don’t feel the grandeur like I did when I first saw the Unreal opening. Games are becoming prettier but that’s what you expect.
No, I also don’t feel the sense of excitement of what new technology or innovation is being brought forth. Why? Because most of it is already done or it’s merely an improvement like fishes with AI. (I mean really? Fishes that swim away from you?)

Then there are also the conglomerates like EA and Activision who rinse and repeat every IP they have and milk it for all its worth. And sadly the younger crowd falls for it. So for them it’s a really big fat cow with great teats that are ready for milking 24/7. With their pre-order bullshit and DLC crap they almost ruined the market.
But still, gaming is great! Gaming might even be better than it used to be. Back when we were growing up and were discovering 3D animations, CGI clips and ragdoll physics.

So here is why gaming is so great, maybe even greater than before. I’m sure I’m not alone when I say that when I was in high school 10 years ago, being a gamer meant being a nerd. And being a nerd meant you got bullied. But look at us now; we’re in bigger forces than ever! Ok yeah sure the ‘PC Master Race’ people among us probably look down on the figures and say they’re skewed by console gaming bro’s and worst of all, mobile gamers. Fact is; if you go around your workplace or school there will be various people who play WoW or CoD or SimCity. My Joker cap from Mass Effect 2 is being recognized on the street by random folks.

As gamers, we’ve got it made more than ever! You know what this means? It means we control one of the biggest markets! Woohoo! Us! Those useless nerds sitting behind their PC’s all day and night. The people that were called lazy by their parents and were bullied in school now pretty much own the biggest and fastest growing luxury market in the world. And that’s an achievement. Most of all, we’ve done this in a mere two decades and we should be very proud of this.

So to all of us gamers I say: there’s has never been a better time to be a gamer.
We have a massive range of classics to choose from and a whole bunch of indie developers that are stomping great new games out of the ground on a daily basis.
So let’s not judge each other on the systems we play on. Instead let’s rejoice in the fact that we can kick asses wherever we feel best.

Game on my brothers and sisters! Game on and it’ll never be Game Over.

Zenzi is a Belgian Journalist for: Undercover Network Gaming & Burrilliance. He is an avid lover of all things nerdy & gaming.

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