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Hello there internet, it’s James Burr AKA DigitalBurr here. I hope this Snapchat post finds you having a great day or night so far, (whichever it might be)!

Now, let’s talk about Social Media for a moment. We all know Snapchat is one of the bigger players in the Social Media space today. With even more daily & monthly video plays (via stories) than the kings Facebook or Twitter themselves. More & more major Brands & Companies are increasing their Digital Ad spending every year, with many now focusing on Snapchat via Paid Ads in Popular Stories, Sponsored Channels, Geo & Facial Filters. Utilizing their younger & very active millennial user base, Snapchat is able to serve large amounts of Ad views & engagements to advertisers daily.

Are you already using Snapchat for your Brand or Business? Or maybe just personally with friends & family? You don’t want to fall behind with the Social Trends, no one likes to play catch up! Since joining the service I have met some awesome new people already, so I wanted to reach out to all of you lovely people out there so we can chat, network, & collaborate on new thoughts, ideas, art, & projects!

You can quickly & easily add me by Scanning or saving my Snapcode Below:

Add James Burr on Snapchat

Or you can: Click Here to Add Me on Snapchat Today!

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I look forward to meeting & networking with even more of you amazing people out there online. Just Snap me & I’ll be Snapping & chatting with you soon. Don’t forget to staying smiling & have a great, positive, & productive week!

James Burr is a seasoned Graphic & Web Designer with a decade of experience. A PR Strategist with a deep understanding of Social & New Media. He is also an avid Gamer who favors FPS Games on PlayStation & PC.

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