Protect Your Personal Privacy – Clear Your Web History! Google is Unifying Its Privacy Policies!

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Google will enact its new unified privacy policy on March First & if you are worried about potential privacy issues then now is the time to get your Google account all locked down before the switch is flicked.

Once their new privacy policy goes into affect, your browsing history will become available to all other Google projects. Meaning that while your browsing history is currently hidden away from Google’s applications, It will all change come March First.

While this may not be an issue to many people, some will raise the concern that this browsing data can potentially contain details that they may not wish to be shared. Sexual orientations, locations, interests & just about anything else could be seen by thumbing through someone’s Google browsing history, and come March First it’s all fair game for all of Google’s products and services. Welp.

 If this sounds like something you might not be too happy with, there is a way to clear your browsing history right now, before Google opens it up to be raped by Google’s ever-growing suite of applications & online products.

If you want to clear everything out, you’ll need to:

  • Shoot over to your Google account’s history page at:
  • Click “Remove all Web History.”

  • Then Click “OK”

The best part is that the selection you made not only clears your browsing history, but also pauses the collection of it. From now on, & until you tell Google different, your browsing history will no-longer be saved & thus, it won’t be shared.

Get your online privacy in check. Read your Terms of service’s & Privacy policies. Your the one clicking agree, right?


Via: Engadget

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