iOS 5 Group Messaging Dangers

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Be Careful Who You Text.

There were some changes in the way SMS are delivered with the iOS 5 update. I didn’t really read all the documentation (who really does anyway?), I just like all the new pretty bells and whistles lol.

Here is one important update that could get you in trouble!

Before iOS 5, if I sent a SMS to multiple people, if they replied back it only went to ME (not the other recipients). After the iOS 5 update, text to multiple people reply back to EVERYONE.

“Group Messaging” is enabled by default.

Yes, this could get you in trouble. If you send a clean joke via group messaging to your mother, your dealer, and your boss. they all get a group reply back of

“Great joke man. Hey I’ve got some DANK dro if you want another oz like u got last week”.

That could be a lil hard to explain to your mother and boss, hah.

Of course this is an extreme example. be careful of group texts!

Here is how to turn OFF “Group Messaging” in iOS:

Click on Settings -> Messages -> slide “Group messaging” to OFF.

Now your iPhone will perform like it always has. Group messages you send will only reply to YOU.

You’re Welcome :p

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