The Crazy Affiliate Marketing Industry

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The Affiliate Marketing Industry is full of so much drama, it’s like working in a rich kids High School. This shit is better then a mexican novella hahaha.

No wonder there are so many Feds fucking with our shit.

  • Partner Weekly Investigated By The Arkansas Attorney General For Pay Day Loans
  • Acquinity Shut down all their email submit offers
  • Smiley Media exited the Coregistration business
  • CX Digital Went Down The Shitter, Members Created LeadCola and it literally is the Shitter
  • Cyberplex owner of CX Digital Firesale of assets
  • filed bankruptcy and owed around $100 Million
  • Acai Marketer Brian Weiss was shot to Death
  • Acai lawsuits to 10 big affiliates by the FTC
  • ZeekRewards $600 million Ponzi Scheme was shut down by the SEC
  • Adteractive went under and nobody was paid out
  • Jesse Wilms lost everything to the FTC along with $359 million settlement
  • Essociate screws a lot of affiliate networks over with there patent
  • Boris Mizhen from Leanspa and Nutraslim fudge packed by the FTC for reportedly $25 Million
  • Affiliate Paying bought, purchased, biased reviews were finally exposed
  • Where the hell is Market Leverage?
  • Copeac settles with FTC for $1.3 Million and disappears
  • Azoogle Ads – Kinetic Social – Refuses to pay their settlement plan – Still Fucking Stupid
  • EWA – Dead  Blam Ads – Dead – Affiliates got stiffed, Fake AM’s scandaled revealed
  • CPA Tank, Wolf Storm Media Split From EWA Umbrella
  • AKMG got bought out by Neverblue, Neverblue Parent Company filed Bankruptcy, GlobalWide Media bought Neverblue
  • Jar Media – Adshore Media – Where the fuck now?
  • Ads4dough Settled with FTC for 1 Million
  • Clickbooth Settles With FTC For $2 Million
  • Medaiwhiz sold out to Matomy Media
  • Cutting Edge Media Closes

Jesus, so much chaos in this Billion dollar industry. Whats next?

James Burr is a seasoned Graphic & Web Designer with a decade of experience. A PR Strategist with a deep understanding of Social & New Media. He is also an avid Gamer who favors FPS Games on PlayStation & PC.

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