Ploose CPA Network Registrar Having Issues – Tracking Link DOWN!

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Checked my email this afternoon & saw that Ploose Adult CPA Network shot me over an email about some tracking issues they are having. Wanted to give a heads up to anyone running traffic via Ploose to redirect it to a working offer, (I hate loosing conversions).

From Tim Burd of Ploose:

Tracking link ( right now is down due to a technical issue at the registrar (moniker). Apparently not all accounts are affected and it seems to only be this domain on my account.

No clicks are tracking as of a few minutes ago for any offer using the domain on ploose and I have already called and emailed everyone possible at the registrar and should have this resolved very quickly but

regardless you all need to know. Please redirect traffic until I let you all know again that it is back up. We are working now to also change the way it is setup so there is a fall-back tracking domain for every offer just in case.

I apollogize for this huge inconvenience and believe me I am furious about this and will get it fixed as soon as humanly possible. Thanks and feel free to email or IM us with any questions.

This situation leaves one to ask, what is up with big companies lately? How come no one has a backup System/Domain/Hardware in place BEFORE these things happen. People need to start thinking PRO active instead of RE active. But then again, Hindsight is 20/20 right?

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