Directtrack Affiliate Tracking Platform Goes Down – Multiple CPA Networks Effected by Outage

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The Directtrack affiliate tracking platform has been offline for over 24 hours. This service outage has effected many networks as well as those brokering offers from networks tracking via them. Directtrack sent out a explanation early on in the service failure:

Service Disruption 

This disruption is the result of a malfunctioning storage area network in Digital River’s primary data center. This is impacting all Digital River platforms, including DirectTrack.

Technical center teams are making progress in resolving this issue, but interface accessibility and tracking are not yet restored.

We are continuing to apply all available resources to restore service, including technical and engineering resources from the hardware vendor. We will provide updates as we receive additional information from our technical center teams.


Further updates from Digital River (parent company to DirectTrack) sites that they have found the source of the problem and are working to fix it but with no immediate solution in sight.

The following Email was sent out by direct track engineers and client services explaining the failure:

 Unfortunately, the efforts to restore operability of the storage area network (SAN) have stalled.  This is impacting all Digital River platforms, including DirectTrack. Senior engineers and technicians from Hitachi and Sun Microsystems, the SAN vendors, are on site in the Digital River data center.  All possible measures to restore operability of the SAN are being taken.

While all teams and resources are working to correct this problem as quickly as possible, we do not anticipate an immediate resolution. Should the current status change in the immediate term, we will provide an update.  Otherwise we will update you on the progress of the corrective action as such progress is made.

Could this have been prevented by Digital River? Some insiders pointed out that this problem was caused by DirectTrack not utilizing a fully mirrored system. When a single point of storage system is in use and a failure like this occurs, there is no other system “mirroring” to keep the structure up. Kind of like a raid set up on your home pc. Shame on you Digital River, have you not heard of double redundancies? Many systems like Cake Marketing, Hasoffers, Google, Yahoo, and Amazon provide this type of backup to all their customers which prevents a serious disaster like DigitalTrack is dealing with now.

I can only image the amount of money affiliates & advertisers are currently loosing due to DirectTracks down time. Not even a mention of it on their social media or twitter pages:


Have they never heard of elastic servers and storage? What are your thoughts on Digital Rivers lack of a backup plan?

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