Class Action Lawsuit Against EWA Network For Not Paying Affiliates

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Karma lives up to her name, even online.

According to the DeBlasio Donnell Litigation Blog:

  On April 18, 2013, the law firm of DeBlasio & Donnell LLC filed a lawsuit seeking class action status against Eagle Web Assets, Inc. and other defendants, including Ryan Eagle and Harrison Gevirtz, on behalf of an affiliate marketer, individually and as the representative of a class of similarly situated persons, who provided affiliate marketing services through the Eagle Web Assets Private Network.  The complaint seeks money damages, class certification and other equitable relief on behalf of an affiliate marketer and members of a class of persons who provided affiliate marketing services through the EWA Private Network but who have not been paid in full for their services.  A copy of the complaint can be viewed by clicking here.  Class Action Complaint.

For all the noobies who don’t know the “inside” of the Affiliate Marketing Industry, it’s pretty fucking ugly.

I know many people who got stiffed by EWA, so its nice to see something being done to hold someone accountable to this mess.

What is your take on all this guys?

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